Eric Nam Faces Backlash For Supposedly Removing His Malaysian Concert Date After Receiving Criticism

Many netizens are glad for the change.

Eric Nam has found himself facing backlash again surrounding his weighing in on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Eric Nam | Eric Nam

In early October, it was discovered that Eric liked an Instagram post that expressed a neutral stance over the ongoing Israel-Palestine crisis.

The viral post reads, “It is absolutely reasonable and logical to be opposed to the Israeli government’s treatment of Palestinians WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY calling for the protection of Jews in Israel and around the world…

Many felt the post’s neutral stance overlooked the ongoing struggles in the region, with many fans pointing out exactly how distressing the humanitarian crisis is.

Around the time of his liked post spreading, Eric tweeted an announcement about the Asian dates of his ongoing House On A Hill tour. Many fans responded to the announcement with criticism, including many Malaysian fans who even insisted the artist not come to the country.

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Now, following the criticism, it seems Eric Nam has removed the Kuala Lumpur date from his website. Previously, the Malaysian concert was scheduled for February 20th, and the original tweet including it, was deleted.

Original concert dates |
The current Asian tour dates on Eric Nam’s website. |

While there has been no official word, many netizens felt that this quiet removal points to a confirmation of his thoughts on the crisis.

Eric has not released any statements on the initial criticism nor the removed concert date.

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