Eric Nam Opens Up About Why He Went For A Completely Different Image

Eric Nam’s new album shows a different side to the musician.

Eric Nam admitted his new album “Honestly” has a completely new sound and look – and it’s darker than his previous music.


His newest photo shoot for Ceci Magazine showcases a more masculine image to accompany his new mini-album, which fits the “breakup” theme.

Source: Ceci


His previous songs, like “Can’t Help Myself” and “Interview” were sweet love songs, while these are about heartbreak, breakups and losing love.


Eric revealed this album was his chance to change his sound and look and hopes the public can relate to the lyrics.

Source: Ceci

“If it wasn’t for this album, I thought I’d have to continue singing only sweet songs for the rest of my life. Out of all the tracks in this album, there aren’t any sweet love songs. They’re all about breakups or situations right before breakups.” — Eric Nam


Eric said the title track, “Honestly”, is about the thoughts you have before a breakup.

“The title song directly pours out the agony experienced before breaking up. I hope the public will sympathize with the songs that tell the story of the general breakup.” — Eric Nam


Whatever the reason for Eric’s new look and sound, it definitely suits him well!

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