Eric Nam perfectly expresses our reaction to Ailee’s comeback news

Eric Nam proves that he is an epic fan boy of his good friend, Ailee, with the news of her upcoming comeback.

Following the release of Ailee’s teaser for her title track, “Home,” Eric Nam posted an ecstatic response to the sexy clip on his official Facebook account on September 29th.

For the first eighteen seconds of the clip, the teaser “Home” plays as Ailee unleashes her irresistible yet charismatic charm which captivates fans. Towards the end of the clip, Eric Nam briefly interrupts Ailee’s singing by saying, “Yessssssss! Ailee Comeback!”, followed by the ending bits of the teaser.

Ailee’s new mini-album, The New Empire, is scheduled to debut on October 5th. This new album is set to have a special collaboration with rapper Yoon Mi Rae, and is has been highly anticipated since the news of Ailee’s comeback was released. Eric Nam has been busy himself with his recent romantic Pokemon Go date with his “wife”, Solar, on We Got Married.