Eric Nam Gave Out His Phone Number…Then Got Accused Of Being A Bot

He wants the world to know that this “bot” is human.

Eric Nam is not a bot…or is he?

It all started on March 20, when quarantine cabin fever started setting in. Eric Nam tweeted out his phone number (and some mullet fan art), encouraging fans to text him.

Immediately, funny texts like these ones started pouring in.

Eric Nam tried to reply to as many fans as possible, but like he said, he only has two thumbs.

Now, a week later, Eric Nam is updating fans on the texting situation. “I’ve never been accused of being a bot so much in my entire life,” he said, sharing this conversation as an example.

Just to be clear, Eric Nam is definitely not a bot. Bots don’t cry over sappy movies…

…or “awww” over puppies…

…or laugh at their own jokes.

In reply, this fan pointed out the “service denied” messages they had received.

Another fan jokingly asked if a bot manages Eric Nam’s Twitter account, and it got very quiet after that!

If you haven’t yet, text Eric “Bot” Nam…before he realizes this was all a huge mistake and changes his number!

Eric Nam