Eric Nam Responds To Questions About Possibly Dating Hollywood Actress Chloe Moretz

They’ve been friends for years.

Eric Nam was a guest on a morning radio show where the host asked him some personal questions regarding his close friendship with Hollywood actress Chloe Moretz.


The DJ asked outright if they still keep in touch and if he ever thought about dating her. Eric shut down any dating rumors by claiming, “We keep in touch, and I have no thoughts on dating.


The DJ dove in for more details, asking which aspect of Chloe he liked most and what parts he didn’t. Eric explained that it’s not a matter of Chloe’s characteristics. He only thinks of her like a younger sister.

It’s not about whether I don’t like something about her. We have quite an age gap.

And I’ve seen her since she was so young, so she’s more like a younger sister, so I don’t have any thoughts about dating her.

— Eric Nam


Eric x Chloe shippers may be disappointed but Eric proved once again that their friendship is still going strong!

Source: Newsen