Eric Nam Praises BLACKPINK’s Rosé’s Singing

Takes a talented singer to know one

Eric Nam and BLACKPINK’s Rosé are some of the most soulful vocalists in South Korea.

Their emotive singing can bring out the true meaning of a song that even those who don’t understand Korean can feel the emotion.

Eric Nam has been hosting a podcast on Spotify called “K-pop Daebak w/ Eric Nam” where he provides commentary for some of the best K-Pop releases of the week.

One episode discussed BLACKPINK and Eric Nam heavily praised Rosé’s alluring and expressive vocal tone.

I personally just love Rosé’s voice. She has like this … crazy tone that kind of gives me shivers

BLINKs know that what Rosé does best is bring out the feeling and energy out of a song. She sings with her heart on her sleeve.

From a singer’s perspective, Eric spoke of how he is in awe of Rosé’s talent as a vocalist. He remarked that she is extremely proficient at performing vocal bends.

Vocal bending is a term that describes pitch sliding from one note to another. Rosé commonly uses this as a way to further express the feeling of a song.

She does this bending when she sings that goes up … but she kinda made it her own thing as well … she did a really good job bending that note up

Rosé’s voice has been acclaimed by celebrities both in South Korea and internationally.

Her song covers and solo performances have been lauded by BLINKs and her first solo is highly anticipated.

BLINKs know that Rosé’s singing is unique and so engaging to listen to. It is wonderful to see celebrities praising her for this too.

With Eric Nam’s praise of Rosé’s singing, perhaps there could potentially be a collaboration in the near future?