Eric Nam Reveals He’s Kissed Someone Within The Last Week

On February 2, Eric Nam honestly revealed on tvN‘s Life Bar that he kissed someone less than a week ago.

Eric Nam was the most recent addition to the host panel of Life Bar, and to help him settle in, the original hosts asked, “When was your last kiss?” to which Eric contemplated on whether to give an honest answer or a white lie.

Ultimately, he chose to be completely truthful and revealed that he had kissed someone within the last week, and shocked everyone with his honesty.

Eric Nam reveals he kissed someone within the last week.

Yoon So Yi, a guest star on the show alongside Lee Da Hae, revealed that to her knowledge, Eric isn’t dating anyone as of yet, and thus wondered where he had kissed this person of interest. She then stirred up the suspicion that he had kissed someone he met at a club.

To this, Eric asked her if she kissed people in clubs to divert the attention, but So Yi counter-attacked by asking, “If you didn’t go to the club, then where did you kiss?” However, Eric struggled to answer the question, invoking many laughs among the cast.

The hosts Shin Dong Yeop and Tak Jae Hoon teased Eric and joked that he “doesn’t stop at just a kiss” and that his nickname in America is “No Brake“.

Watch the hilarious section below!

Source: My Daily, ENews24