Eric Nam Hosts Panel At San Diego Comic-Con

Is he now a superhero?!

If you’re wondering why singer-songwriter and entrepreneur Eric Nam suddenly went to San Diego over the weekend…

…despite just being in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, for Thanksgiving, we got you!

| @ericnamofficial/Facebook

Manta Comics had previously announced that Eric Nam would be hosting the panel “The Infinite Canvas; The Rise of Korean Webcomics” at 2021 San Diego Comic-Con. The panel included Manta Editor No.7, artist and anthropologist Ren Fernández-Kim, and author Brandon Chen.

Eric then teased his appearance at the panel on his Instagram Stories, making Nam Nation, his fans, wonder what exactly he was up to…

Eric Nam | @ericnam/Instagram

Was Eric now a superhero?

While we think Eric is more than worthy of being a superhero, we know that there’s no better host than this man!

Eric Nam | @inspiredmangaka/Twitter


From left: Eric Nam, Brandon Chen, and Ren Fernández-Kim. | @inspiredmangaka/Twitter

Manta Comics had an exciting exhibit in addition to a panel too. Their booth focused on webcomic Under the Oak Tree, bringing it to life!

We hope that Eric and the rest of the panel were able to enjoy their time there fully. It looks like a great time! We hope to see him return to Comic-Con in the future.

| @inspiredmangaka/Twitter
Source: @mantacomics

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