Eric Nam Shows Support For His Fellow Eric Leading Up To THE BOYZ’s Comeback

We love to see it 😌✊

On August 7, THE BOYZ posted more teaser images for their upcoming album [THRILL-ING] featuring Eric dressed up as a lifeguard. Looking fine AF and ready to hit the beach, fans all over the world fell hook, line, and sinker for his boyish charms.

And that’s not all. Deobis weren’t the only ones impressed by his pictures – so was his friend and name partner Eric Nam! The solo artist replied to the original post with three fire emojis expressing his approval.

A little while after he commented, Eric took the opportunity to reach out to his ‘twin’ and use the group’s Twitter to tell him that he misses him! After all, the two haven’t hung out publicly since Eric had appeared on the K-Pop Daebak w/ Eric Nam with DIVE Studios last September.

Eric Nam responded by saying that they should hang out soon so they can chat about everyone’s favorite ‘company lady’!

For those who don’t know, he was referencing a hilarious conversation that the two had during the podcast about how Eric was chased down by a ‘company lady’ when he ran out of the room right before he auditioned for THE BOYZ!

Fans are crossing their fingers that the two will reunite on the K-Pop Daebak w/ Eric Nam soon, especially because DIVE Studios seems to be totally on board with the idea!

What do you think of the Erics’ wholesome Twitter interactions?