Eric Nam and Solar’s shows off steamy couple chemistry

Eric Nam and MAMAMOO‘s Solar performed their own sexy rendition of the hit song “My Ear’s Candy”.

The pair currently star in the reality show We Got Married, and in the September 17th episode, participated in a duet competition.

Dressed in matching leather jackets and tight fitting black pants, the duo were a force to be reckoned with. They started off in a comedic tone with their bright heart-shaped sunglasses.

It quickly escalated to a smoldering performance as the two were not afraid to get intimate. There was plenty of intense eye contact and even physical contact, as they did body rolls against each other.

Near the end of the song, Solar displayed some of her seductive charms, wildly shaking her hair and body. The song’s original singer Baek Ji Young was present as a judge and was thoroughly impressed by the couple.

Eric and Solar ended with a close embrace, proving their strong connection.

You can watch the full performance below!