Eric Nam Stops Concert Mid-Performance, Revealing His True Character

Fans are praising him for how he handled the situation.

Currently, solo artist and entrepreneur Eric Nam is on his 2022 There And Back Again World Tour. So far, it’s been a great success. However, in one of his recent shows, he had to stop mid-performance.

Eric Nam performing during a recent concert. | @brandynnleigh/Twitter

During his concert in Seatle, Washington, Eric was performing a crowd-favorite song of his, “You’re Sexy I’m Sexy.”

This song contains a lot of choreography. Still, despite multitasking with dancing and singing, Eric noticed something was wrong when some fans in the audience yelled out “stop” and “water.”

He then stopped mid-performance and signaled for his band to stop. He looked into the crowd to identify the situation.

Sorry, guys. Sorry, sorry, I think we’re having a health issue here, so…

— Eric Nam

Eric then realized one of the fans in attendance appeared unwell and was about to faint. He apologized for having to stop the show but emphasized the importance of ensuring that everyone was okay first before continuing the concert.

Sorry, guys. Just to make sure everybody’s okay.

— Eric Nam

So, he got the fan help. Staff brought her water and moved her out of the crowd.

One concert-goer, Aleyna (@a_mariko on TikTok), shared a video from this moment. The video has since gone viral with 514.5K views as of February 7.


Thank you @ericnam for doing the right thing❤️ Anyone know if she was ok? #ericnam #seattle #popmusic #thereandbackagain #thereandbackagaintour

♬ original sound – Aleyna

Netizens are praising Eric Nam for stopping his show to check on his fans. Rather than continue, he recognized the severity of the situation and stopped before it got worse.

Screenshot on February 7, 2022. | @a_mariko/TikTok
Screenshot on February 7, 2022. | @a_mariko/TikTok

Some of those in attendance even commented. One user revealed that they had passed the water bottle, and the staff had continued to give out bottles of water for everyone in the crowd.

Screenshot on February 7, 2022. | @a_mariko/TikTok

Of course, everyone was curious about how the fan in question was doing afterward. Thankfully, she discovered the video and revealed that she was doing much better.

Screenshot on February 7, 2022. | @a_mariko/TikTok

Eric Nam is not only a true professional but sincerely cares for everyone. He couldn’t have handled the situation better.

Source: @a_mariko

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