Eric Nam Talks About The Time He Got Invited To A “High School Musical” Movie Marathon…At AOMG

“The last place on earth I imagined this happening is at AOMG.”

Eric Nam opened up about the time he was invited to a High School Musical watch party…at AOMG!

On the latest episode of Eric Nam’s K-Pop Daebak Show podcast, MOMOLAND‘s Ahin, Nancy, and Hyebin appeared as guests, where they chatted about tons of fun stuff!

While talking about their interests in music and television, Nancy asked Eric Nam if he’d ever watched High School Musical. Answering in the affirmative, Eric Nam then went on to share an event that took place recently!

Recently, somebody hit me up and was like, “Hey. We’re going to do a High School Musical watch party. Do you wanna come? I was like, “I guess I’ll drop by.”

Eric Nam

He then revealed that the party was at AOMG, but kept tight-lipped about who actually invited him as he reminisced about the whole event!

I went, and it was at AOMG… Like the last place on earth I imagined this happening is at AOMG. But it wasn’t like- Jay [Park]… Because AOMG has like a lot of different artists right? So [it was] one of the artists, or two or three of the artists and they just had their friends over… I just dropped by to say hi. And they were watching… I think they were on like the second or third High School Musical.

I was like, “I’m glad you guys are loving this.” It was a really big trip down memory lane. It was fun.

—Eric Nam

Watch the whole thing here from the 2:15 mark onwards!