Eric Nam Teases Upcoming Album By Releasing Tons Of Spoilers Left, Right, And Center

He’s keeping Nam Nation well-fed!

Solo artist and entrepreneur Eric Nam is preparing to release his new album There And Back Again on Friday.

Until then, he’s been spoiling his fans, Nam Nation, with spoiler after spoiler. He’s just a giving person.

Eric Nam | @ericnamofficial/Twitter

It’s hard to believe that any song can top “I Don’t Know You Anymore” or “Any Other Way.”

Like, we literally can’t get over the vibes of either song. They are still on repeat.

Both inspired iconic TikTok trends


when you’ve waited an hour and delivery cancels on you…#idkya #ericnam you’re #cancelled #idontknowyouanymore

♬ I Don’t Know You Anymore – Eric Nam

Yet, for those who attended festival 2021 Music Midtown in Eric’s hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, there’s one song that has been eagerly anticipated. It’s none other than “Wildfire.”

Finally, Eric dropped a “sneak peek” of “Wildfire” for those of us unfortunate to see him tease the song live back in September 2021.

The Nam Nation was quick to say that “Wildfire” was now their new favorite song. Still, Eric guaranteed us that there was even more phenomenal music coming…

For those part of Eric’s contact list for texting, he gave us a first listen of two more songs, “Lost On Me” and “what if.” It was a couple of clips, ranging from 27 to 40 seconds.

Screenshot | Tegan Sweeting/Koreaboo

Screenshot | Tegan Sweeting/Koreaboo

But because Eric is all-inclusive, as only Americans and Canadians can text him, he then posted a “snippet” of “Lost On Me” to his socials.

He then created a poll, inviting fans to pick their favorite song so far…

Of course, we wanted to know what his pick is too. Still, Eric couldn’t make a decision just yet.

He promised to tell us his favorite song this Friday when There And Back Again is released.

Things didn’t stop there, though. The next day, Eric asked his followers if they were interested in some more spoilers while they wait for Friday.

So, he delivered a behind-the-scenes video of him recording “What If.” The hype is very real now!

And in case anyone wanted to start up with him about how he’s dropping one too many spoilers, he reminded everyone that he’s an independent artist now! He can do what he wants.

Who is going to come at him? His manager, a.k.a. his younger brother Eddie Nam?

Eric Nam’s new album There And Back Again is coming on January 7. It is available for pre-save now, which is the streaming equivalent of a pre-order. Support the now fully independent artist!

| @ericnamofficial/Twitter

Before There And Back Again drops, Eric Nam will be releasing a making-of documentary of the said album on January 5 at 9 PM EST.

Source: @ericnamofficial

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