Eric Nam and Timbaland to Collaborate at MAMA 2016

Eric Nam and Timbaland will be performing together at MAMA 2016, continuing the tradition of US-Korean artist collaborations at the event.

Media began to first report on the rumors that Eric Nam would be sharing a stage with Timbaland earlier this week. Now, officials have confirmed the news.

Timbaland appeared on Mnet’s “Show Me The Money” this season for the American auditions, held in Los Angeles. It seems Mnet has used this relationship to ask the artist and producer to attend MAMA 2016.

MAMA has a history of showcasing American artists. In 2011, Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre performed. Stevie Wonder and Paris Hilton showed up in 2013. John Legend in 2014 and Pet Shop Boys in 2015.

Timbaland has previously produced for other Asian acts such as Chinese singer Jane Zhang and J-Pop singer Hikaru Utada’s debut English album, Exodus.

From listening to the song Timbaland was involved with for Jane, and her instant climb up the Billboard Charts, we hope Eric sees just as much success from this collaboration!

Check out Jane’s song below:

Source: MyDaily