Eric Nam to leave in April to film appearance in Hollywood movie

After hinting that he was selected to join an upcoming Hollywood projectB2M Entertainment confirms Eric Nam’s casting in a statement.

On March 17th, Eric Nam guested on Park Kyung Lim’s radio show on MBC FM4U where he was grilled by the host if he ever had any thoughts on trying acting. To this, Eric Nam honestly replied and said, “I do,” adding, “Actually, I’ve been casted in a recent Hollywood film.”

When asked further for the details of his possible film project, the singer only disclosed that, “The movie is still a secret. It is a work with much cinematic quality,” and “I was lucky because recently in the U.S they are looking for Asian American actors. Due to that, a lot of love calls have been coming in,” revealing his humble, modest side. He also revealed that even though he is currently promoting in South Korea, it is a possibility that he will be advancing to the United States full-time should an opportunity to do so arrives.

However, in a statement through MyDaily, B2M Entertainment confirmed that, “Eric Nam has officially been casted for a Hollywood movie,” adding that, “He will  most likely leave the country in April to attend filming.”

Details of his role were also revealed after it was stated that Eric Nam will be acting as a minor or side role. However, they expressed their delight in such opportunity saying that it may be a way to expand his horizons and a chance to learn. Moreover, he was able to grab the role for his fluency in English and Asian-American visuals.

No other details as to what film project Eric Nam participated on were disclosed.

Are you ready for Eric Nam’s possible Hollywood project?

Source: Tenasia