Eric Nam Reveals That He Wants To Work On A Song With Kim Sejeong

Can someone please make this happen? 🥺🙏

In the latest DIVE Studios‘ podcast episode, K-Pop Daebak with Eric Nam, soloist and host Eric Nam, reacted to March 2021 comebacks in K-Pop, including former I.O.I and Gugudan member Kim Sejeong‘s new song, “Warning.”

During the episode, Eric briefly reviewed “Warning,” which features rapper lIlBOI. It is the title track off of Sejeong’s mini-album I’m. A solo artist since 2016, Sejeong also participated in producing all of the album’s songs.

Eric praised both lIlBOI and Sejeong. He described the song as just a “feel-good spring song,” which is exactly what we need right now! He also revealed that he hopes to collaborate with Sejeong one day.

It sounds good, yeah. I feel like, Sejeong, we’ve talked about multiple times like you know that I want to do a song with her and I think she’s awesome. So, check it out.

— Eric Nam

You can watch the clip from K-Pop Daebak below:

Check out Kim Sejeong’s music video for “Warning” below:

Source: DIVE Studios and 1theK (원더케이)