Lee Yu Bi’s “The Escape Of The Seven” Faces Calls To Cancel K-Drama Amid Controversies

“Cancel this…”

SBS‘s The Escape Of The Seven is facing calls to end the K-Drama early.

Poster for “The Escape Of The Seven” | IMDB

The drama, penned by controversial Penthouse writer Kim Soon Ok, has failed to capture audiences, with its latest episode drawing a meager 5% viewership rating — a far cry from Penthouse’s 29.2%.

Kim Soon Ok | Wolgang JoongAng

The viewers who did tune in to the K-Drama are calling for it to end. The show’s comment section is filled with criticism and demands for the show to apologize.

  • “I’m calling on SBS to apologize and for Kim Soon Ok to step down.”
  • “This is outrageous and delusional! Don’t write K-Dramas like this!”
  • “The teachers who taught the drama writer are probably dead and are ashes.”
  • “Putting reality into the sewer! Did you not do any research?”
  • “Seems like the writer didn’t research what it’s like to be a professor and just made stuff up.”
  • “I’m calling on the writer to be held accountable for defaming professional soldiers.”
  • “I am a current professor. In what world do professors accept bribes like this?”
  • “Even if this is fiction, isn’t this too much?”
  • “As a professor, it angers me to see the professor accept bribes.”
  • “What is the reason you portrayed professors this way?”
  • “Please cancel the K-Drama. At least end it early.”
  • “Do you want to be sued by professors for defamation?”
  • “Please cancel the drama.”
  • “Cancel this.”

The Escape Of The Seven, featuring Lee Yu Bi, Hwang Jung Eum, and Um Ki Joon, tells the story of seven characters who are intertwined in the case of a missing girl. The show has previously been criticized for depicting inappropriate relationships involving minors, abusive parents, and corrupt teachers.

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