Angelina Jolie Leaves A Reporter Hanging To Say Hi To Ma Dong Seok & Friends

A funny moment was captured on camera at the “Eternals” world premiere.

Interviews are great, but friends come first!

Ma Dong Seok and Angelina Jolie | @USEmbassySeoul/Twitter

Actress Angelina Jolie and actor Ma Dong Seok (also known professionally as Don Lee) co-star in Marvel‘s new superhero film, Eternals. The film takes place after Avengers: Endgame and centers on the Eternals, a race of alien immortals who reunite to protect humanity.

Ma Dong Seok plays Gilgamesh, the strongest of all Eternals. He shares a bond with Angelina Jolie’s character, Thena.

| Entertainment Weekly

Thena is a warrior Eternal who creates weapons out of cosmic energy.

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Both stars attended the Eternals world premiere on October 18th. During Angelina Jolie’s red carpet interview with Variety, Ma Dong Seok popped in to say hello. She couldn’t have been happier to see him!

“I miss you so much. You look gorgeous, as always,” Ma Dong Seok told his co-star. “We can’t say what’s in the movie,” she replied. “but I love that we were able to do the movie together.” 

A moment later, the stars peaced out to greet more friends…

…leaving the poor reporter hanging! His reaction is hilariously relatable. If you’ve ever attended a party with a social butterfly, you probably know the feeling!

Watch the clip here: