Eugene And Ki Tae Young Reveal Photos Of Their 2nd Daughter Who Looks Exactly Like Rohee

They’re practically twins!

Eugene and Ki Tae Young celebrated the first birthday of their second daughter, Lorin, where they revealed photos of their her for the first time!


She unveiled multiple photos from their recent family photoshoot, where their first daughter, Rohee, was also present!


Rohee can be seen taking care of her younger sister while wearing matching clothes that make them look like angels!


And the first public photos of Lorin took the internet by storm as many were shocked by her visuals!


Lorin boasted the same big, round eyes, cute button nose, and the chubbiest cheeks!


And netizens were shocked by how much she looks like her older sister!


Rohee and Lorin may not be twins but they both have the same angelic features that everyone can’t get enough of!


Here’s to this visual power family and their blissful, loving lives!

Source: My Daily