Super Junior’s Eunhyuk Speaks Out About Red Velvet Wendy’s Accident

The best senior ever.

Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk updated his Instagram with a new selfie of himself as he mentioned the upcoming new year, as well Red Velvet Wendy‘s recent accident in his captions.


He added in that artists sweat buckets while preparing diligently for all of their performances. He hopes that in the new year, they will be able to perform those stages in a safe and proper environment without getting injured.

2019 is almost over. Is everyone closing off the year well? I hope in the new year you achieve everything that you couldn’t achieve this year. I’ll also prepare well for the upcoming 2020 to stand in front of you all.

And in 2020, I really hope that all artists will be able to sing and dance the stages they prepared so hard for in a proper and safe environment where they can be healthy and unharmed.

— Eunhyuk


His statement closely ties in with Wendy’s recent injury where she fractured her right hip, cheek, and wrist after falling from the stage that was improperly prepared and unmarked. Fans thanked Eunhyuk for speaking up as Wendy’s labelmate senior.


Wendy and Eunhyuk are both under SM Entertainment, where Eunhyuk has seen Wendy grow as an artist ever since she was a trainee.


Best wishes for Wendy’s safe and speedy recovery.