LE SSERAFIM Cover Hair And Faces At The Airport And Fans Agree This Could Only Mean One Thing

You know what’s coming!

Recently, K-Pop girl group LE SSERAFIM showed up at Incheon International Airport wearing masks and hoodies, covering their head and faces. Fans who saw this were excited as this could mean a comeback!

Anyone can see that it looks like an idol who changed his hair for a comeback.

Even reporters that were filming their departure were confused at who was who!

Reporter: Who are you? Are you Eunchae?

Yunjun: I’m Yunjin!

Reporter: Chaewon! You’re Chaewon right? Give a heart sign if you are!”

Chaewon: *nods and makes heart sign*

Reporter: Eunchae! Oh you’re Kazuha!

Fans that saw this agreed it was one of the best airport previews ever and were ready for some comeback news!

What do you think? Are we ready for some comeback news!

Source: theqoo