EVERGLOW’s Styling Team Called Out By Fashion Brand For Allegedly Plagiarizing One-Of-A-Kind Corset

“Plagiarism is simply wrong and unacceptable.”

EVERGLOW recently made their powerful return with their energetic track “Pirate” and it’s been receiving high praise all over the globe. The combination of the EDM beat, the members’ incredible talent, and the fun choreography—it’s no wonder “Pirate” is soaring to worldwide popularity. However, in the midst of all of the exciting success comes a bit of trouble for the girls.

EVERGLOW’s comeback photo | Yuehua Entertainment

Fashion brand WINDOWSEN, which is known for their eclectic futuristic designs, took to their official Instagram page to call out EVERGLOW’s agency Yuehua Entertainment and their styling team for plagiarism.

In the post, the brand uploaded side-by-side photos of their design and EVERGLOW’s alleged plagiarized design, which showcased very similar pieces. WINDOWSEN shared their confusion in their caption, stating that “the corset was a custom piece” for Taiwanese singer, Jolin Tsai—so no other artist should be wearing it.

WINDOWSEN shared several more photos while calling out Yuehua Entertainment’s team. The fashion brand asked for EVERGLOW’s agency to take accountability by deleting and getting rid of “all the visuals and shots where the garment is featured.”

Side-by-side photo comparison of WINDOWSEN’s corset (left) and EVERGLOW’s corset (right) | @windowsen/Instagram

WINDOWSEN uploaded additional corset creation photos and commented their thoughts on plagiarism, which “is simply wrong and unacceptable.” They seemed willing to give Yuehua Entertainment an opportunity to right their wrongs, however, as WINDOWSEN shared their desire to wait for the “right actions” to take place.

WINDOWSEN’s corset design | @windowsen/Instagram

The corset in question was worn by EVERGLOW’s Yiren and it can be seen in the group’s individual comeback photos…

EVERGLOW Yiren’s individual concept photo | Yuehua Entertainment

…as well as the group’s “Pirate” music video, which can be seen here…

EVERGLOW’s Yiren (circled in red) wearing the alleged plagiarized corset in “Pirate” music video | Yuehua Entertainment


Yiren (far right) | Yuehua Entertainment

…and here.

| Yuehua Entertainment

Yuehua Entertainment has not yet responded to the plagiarism accusations made by WINDOWSEN. Stay tuned for any updates.

Source: Nate News