EVERGLOW Makes An Unexpected Appearance In A Scene From “Dear Evan Hansen”

Are the producers Forevers?

Some eagle-eyed audience members who saw Dear Evan Hansen caught a glimpse of an EVERGLOW music video in one scene!

EVERGLOW. | Yuehua Entertainment

Dear Evan Hansen is a movie musical that follows the titular character through a journey of self-discovery following the passing of his classmate and a web of lies he finds himself caught in.

The official poster for the musical. | Dear Evan Hansen

In the song “Sincerely, Me,” Evan Hansen recruits the help of his friend Jared in order to help substantiate his massive lie. They dance and sing around an arcade and — wait, is that “Bon Bon Chocolat”?

As Evan and Jared dance on a Dance Dance Revolution machine, the music video for EVERGLOW’s debut song plays on the screen.

Here’s the scene from the music video for you to compare the two!

| Stone Music Entertainment/YouTube 

It’s definitely not the first time a K-Pop music video has made its way into a movie: in 2017, BLACKPINK showed up in Justice League, proving that The Flash is a huge BLINK. But it never gets less surprising!

Check out the MV for “Bon Bon Chocolat” below!

Source: Twitter, Dear Evan Hansen and YouTube
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