Sihyeon Becomes EVERGLOW’s New Leader As E:U Steps Down From The Position

Here’s what Sihyeon and E:U had to say about the switch.

EVERGLOW‘s long-awaited comeback is finally here, and unsurprisingly, fans are already obsessed with their hard-hitting new single, “FIRST.” What was surprising, however, was a new announcement EVERGLOW made at their online showcase for their single album, Last Melody: Sihyeon is now the group’s new leader, taking over from E:U. Here’s what the pair had to say about the switch.

EVERGLOW debuted in March 2019 with E:U as their leader, main rapper, and main dancer. The eldest member is selected as the leader in the majority of K-Pop groups, and this was true for EVERGLOW too.

E:U | Yuehua Entertainment

Over the past two years, fans have watched the 23-year-old starlet do her utmost to take care of her fellow members and lead them in their rapidly increasing global success.

E:U | Yuehua Entertainment

Now, EVERGLOW is making a change. As of now, Sihyeon has officially been named the new leader of the group? Talking to press and fans at the group’s online showcase, E:U stated, “It wasn’t hard while being the leader.” The former leader went on to say that she’ll support Sihyeon in her new role with full confidence in her abilities.

E:U | Newsis

I think that Sihyeon will play the role of leader well after me. As the oldest member, I will continue to stay by her side and support her as the new leader.

— E:U

As for Sihyeon herself, the 21-year-old confirmed, “I have become the leader of EVERGLOW after E:U.” She went on to assure fans, “I will take responsibility and work hard in order to better harmonize with the members.

E:U | Newsis

Sihyeon may not be the eldest member of EVERGLOW, but she has plenty of experience in the industry. The lead vocalist, visual, and face of the group appeared on two survival shows before debuting: Produce 101‘s first season in 2016 and Produce 48 in 2018, ranking no.40 and no.27 respectively.

Sihyeon | Yuehua Entertainment

In total, Sihyeon trained for almost five years before making her debut. Known for her charismatic and sweet personality, there’s no doubt that she’ll have a lot to show as EVERGLOW’s leader too. And, although fans will certainly miss E:U’s hard work, FOREVERs across social media are already welcoming their new leader with open arms.

In related EVERGLOW news, at the Last Melody showcase, the group also announced that they will be holding their first-ever online concert this summer.

EVERGLOW To Hold An Online Concert On July 25