EVERGLOW’s Comeback Teasers Have Fans Excited About Their Badass New Concept

EVERGLOW look awesome as they tease a comeback with another cool concept

Concept images and teasers for EVERGLOW‘s third mini album, Return of the Girl, have been released, and they look amazing.

It is only the first taste that fans have gotten of the upcoming album, but excitement about the concept is already rising. After all, the images released so far feature Onda wearing armor and Sihyeon with a motorcycle. E:U is also seen looking awesome in a leather jacket.

Onda | @EVERGLOW_STAFF/Twitter
Sihyeon | @EVERGLOW_STAFF/Twitter

And what’s more, teaser videos on Twitter show Onda with a sword, Sihyeon with a flag, and E:U with a bow, all of which is fueling fan speculation about how or if the presence of physical weapons connects to their previous concept in “FIRST,” in which member Yiren shot a ‘superpower’ bow—as well as how this album’s concept will connect to the overall EVERGLOW mythology.

Of course, fans also simply just can’t get enough of the looks being served in these teasers. And who can blame them? EVERGLOW proved that they are a group that can pull off the ‘tough’ concept phenomenally with “FIRST,” so it will be exciting to see how they will interpret it with Return of the Girl.

Fans will have a lot more content to look forward to (and theorize over) in the coming days, as EVERGLOW released a full schedule for this month’s content releases, which you can check out here.

What are you most excited about in this comeback?

Source: Twitter