Every K-Pop Fan Can Relate To This New Scene From “The Heavenly Idol”

“Watching this scene reminded me of my favorite K-Pop idols.”

The relationship between an idol and a fan is a special one, and the new K-Drama, The Heavenly Idol, is doing a great job at making K-Pop fans all over the world feel seen.

The tvN production started airing earlier this month, on February 15th, and has already made the rounds on social media for another scene where the importance of an idol to their fans is highlighted.

Kim Minkyu plays the role of a Pontifex who wakes up in the body of a K-Pop idol, main rapper Woo Yeonwoo. He struggles to live Woo Yeonwoo’s life and find a way back to his normal one. The actor is known for his previous roles in Snowdrop and Business Proposal.

Go Bogyeol plays as the other half of the leads. She portrays Kim Dal, the new manager of Woo Yeonwoo’s group and a big fan of his. The actress is also known for her role in Hi Bye, Mama! as Oh Minjung.

While going through the struggles of an idol, Kim Minkyu’s character slowly begins to understand the weight an idol holds in a fan’s life. In different occurrences, such as running into fans and talking to his manager, Kim Dal, he finds himself becoming more understanding of his role and the fans’ feelings.

It was a scene in the episode that aired this past week that captured the attention of viewers, especially those who are existing fans of K-Pop artists.

The scene starts with Kim Dal telling Woo Yeonwoo that, as an idol, he has the ability to heal his fans by just letting them see him.

As an idol, you may be able to cure it. Illness of the mind. So many people look at photos and videos of their favorite idol singers to cheer themselves up after a long depressing day. It gives them the energy to go on. It heals them.

— Kim Dal

Woo Yeonwoo questions this, saying that all idols do is sing and dance, but his manager insists. Yeonwoo then does the unexpected, remembering Kim Dal herself is a fan, he asks if he can heal her too.

| @tvN

Taken back, the fan-turned-manager asks why would he need to cure her and Yeonwoo explains that, from time to time, he notices she looks sad and reminiscent of someone. He goes on to ask if these are also symptoms of the “illness of the mind.”

It’s my duty to heal the ill. It concerns me that people around me are plagued by such an illness.

— Woo Yeonwoo

The entire scene was very touching, but the mention of the way idols can heal their fans made all K-Pop fans that are also viewers of the show feel seen, with many taking to online platforms to express how they relate.

Some even suggested the writer must be a K-Pop fan themselves since they encapsulated the feeling so well.

Others took this opportunity to thank their own idols for cheering them on every day.

Hopefully, The Heavenly Idol continues to share the special bond between idols and fans with the world!