Everyone Is Cheering For Japan After Their Fans Did This At The World Cup

Japanese fans are being praised all around the world for their impressive conduct after a World Cup game.

Japan’s win against Columbia during this year’s FIFA World Cup made history as the first Asian team to win against a South American team in the World Cup, but what the fans did after was even more impressive!


The Japanese fans stayed behind to clean up the Russian stadium! Supporters of the “Samurai Blue” carried waste bags and roamed around the stadium to pick up all sorts of the litter left by spectators.

Columbian fans shared videos of the Japanese picking up trash, with one Columbian dissing his countrymen by saying, “They are picking up the garbage, the Japanese, they’re amazing. Us Columbians are a bunch of idiots who don’t realize that discipline and order are things that make us better…look, it’s a lesson to us.”  


Netizens were impressed by the respect shown by the fans and are praising Japan for being a source of inspiration.

  • “Bless these people.”
  • “I believe it’s called… class.”
  • “So Japan is basically the only country in the world where people have manners. Why is it so hard to keep your trashes with you and then throw them in the nearest trash can? That’s beyond my comprehension.”
  • “Japan, don’t stop being you.”


And now other nations are taking a leaf out of Japan’s book by cleaning up their mess after watching a World Cup game.

Senegal fans have in fact also been cleaning their sections the whole World Cup.


Columbian fans also took notice of the gesture, taking up the blue garbage bags following Japan’s example.


No matter their nationality, everyone is cheering for Japan!

Source: Nextshark, BBC and SBS Korea