Everyone Is Falling In Love With Jihyo’s New Summer Look

After seeing Jihyo, you’ll want to go the beach ASAP.

Jihyo has a brand new summer look and, according to fans, she’s never been more beautiful!


As part of TWICE‘s Summer Nights promotions, Jihyo has given her skin a sun-kissed glow by getting a tan.


Although Jihyo has always been gorgeous, her new tan adds an extra healthy look that says, “I’ve just spent a day at the beach!”


Her tanned skin is striking against this bright-white blouse…


…but looks just as lovely when she wears black!


Fans are now calling Summer Nights “Jihyo’s era” because her beauty is shining brighter than ever.


They’ve fallen in love her tan lines!


Korean ONCEs are loving this beach babe’s tan just as much as international ONCEs are.

  • Jihyo has always been beautiful, but now she looks healthy and even more gorgeous!
  • Wow she looks like a Disney princess with this tan.
  • I used to think only paler skin tones are pretty, but Jihyo changed my mind! Darker skin tones are seriously beautiful.
  • Jihyo really pulled off the tanned look. I’m so proud of her for doing this.


She is even being called a “mermaid princess”!

  • She looks so healthy and pretty.
  • The summer concept and the styling is really working in favor for Jihyo. She looks amazing in all these performances!
  • The tanned Jihyo reminds me of like… a mermaid princess!


Shine on, Jihyo! You are a goddess!

Source: Instiz