Everyone Says This Actress Looks Like Red Velvet Irene… And She’s Proud Of It 

This is actress Seo Ji Hye. She recently captured television audiences with her role as Sharon on the drama Black Knight.

Although she’s appeared in a number of projects such as Outbreak, Jealousy Incarnate and more, she’s also gaining a lot of interest in her lookalike.

Apparently, fans think she looks a lot like idol group member, Irene, who is almost ten years her junior!

Seo Ji Hye also recently talked about her “Irene-like” similarity.

“The usual saying is that a younger person resembles an older one but I feel younger because I get compared to Irene. I also jokingly tell people around that it was better that I resemble Irene.”

-Seo Ji Hye

They even posed for a photo together after appearing on a television program. Just so the speculations can be put to rest!

In fact, their resemblance is strikingly similar that fans are now requesting to appear on a project together – likely one where they can play sisters, or even mother-daughter.

Did you catch the similarities?

Source: JoyNews24