Everyone Wants These New Pokemon Shoes That Are Trending In Korea

Gotta catch all the shoes!

In the past Fall, Nike released a special shoe inspired by G-Dragon. A few weeks ago, Nike also revealed limited edition Korea-inspired Air Jordans. Now, FILA has released its own special shoes that are exclusive to the South Korean market, featuring… Pokemon!


In February, FILA released the Pokemon shoe, a special edition to their “Classic Kicks B”.


The response was successful as it was met with lines that traveled far around the block!


Six styles were initially available when the shoe was first released, but most of these sneakers are sold out across the nation already!

The six  “Classic Kicks B” shoes with characters Jigglypuff, Charmander, Pikachu, Pokemon, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle!


The price tag on the website for these shoes isn’t too bad: only 39,000 KRW (about $36 USD).


The first 200 “Classic Kicks B” purchases had the opportunity to also buy a pair of the “Court Deluxe” model, which were only released to the general public last week.


The “Court Deluxe” comes in five variants each corresponding to one of the most popular Pokemon: Blue (for Squirtle), Orange (Charmander), Yellow (Pikachu), Pink (Jigglypuff) and Green (Bulbasaur).


Each of the five features the “Pokeball” on the tongue.


They are also a bit pricier than their predecessors, at 69,000 KRW (~ $65 USD). Even though they were only released this month, the yellow Pikachu version of the Court Deluxe is already sold out.


FILA is currently preparing to launch a restock of the shoes, but haven’t reported any farther news to when, where and how!

Source: FILA and Instagram
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