Here’s Everything Jay Park Includes In His Diet For The Day

He revealed what he eats for his meals, food habits, and more!

Jay Park recently revealed everything he includes in his diet for the day!

Harper’s Bazaar released a video where Jay Park detailed everything he eats in a day! Jay Park then began listing everything he eats, from the time he wakes up to the time he goes to bed at night!

1. Breakfast

As soon as he wakes up, Jay Park drinks water to begin his day. Another beverage he drinks in the morning these days is coffee, but then adds that he initially wasn’t that much of a coffee drinker.

I wasn’t a coffee drinker. I don’t know, I never liked the taste of it. I would usually drink Red Bull.

Now, I can’t go on about my day without coffee.

I drink about two cups of coffee a day; I drink it black, no cream or sugar.

— Jay Park

He then goes on to describe his breakfast for the day, before shedding light on his usual breakfast meals.

This morning, I had a chicken bake from Costco and some salad. I’ll also eat some rice and some beef, and some lettuce.

I don’t like to eat too salty or greasy or heavy to start off my day. So I like to eat something healthy, light,

to kind of make me feel more energized and healthy.

— Jay Park

2. Lunch

Jay Park revealed that he doesn’t actually eat lunch, satisfying his hunger with a light brunch instead.

I’m not your typical 9-5 guy, so I don’t eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

— Jay Park

3. Snacks

For snacks, Jay Park revealed that he doesn’t actually eat all that much. He mostly eats chips or chocolates here and there, and if he really wants to snack, he enjoys his meal to the fullest!

If I do snack, I enjoy cupcakes, donuts, ice cream, yummy candies!

— Jay Park

In the same train of thought, he also added all the foods he doesn’t like to eat! Anything that looks or feels too slimy is a no-no for him, and he also mentions that he actively avoids macadamia nuts— he’s deathly allergic!

I actively avoid macadamia nuts, because I’m allergic to it. If I eat it, I’ll die.

I don’t know if I’ll die, that’s overdramatic, but I’ll have an allergic reaction,

which is not very fun.

— Jay Park

4. Dinner

For dinner, Jay Park revealed that he eats dinner around 7, and he eats anything from a burger to Mexican food to Korean BBQ to steaks and lobsters!

He also revealed his go-to rule for dinner!

When I eat dinner, I don’t like to drink. I either drink coke, or any other carbonated beverage.

Alcohol-wise, I either like to eat dinner, or drink alcohol.

I don’t do both at the same time.

— Jay Park

He also revealed his favorite food!

Anything that I don’t have to cook myself is my favorite meal to cook.

— Jay Park

5. Late-night snack

As he eats dinner around 7, by the time midnight rolls around, he’s hungry again!

I like to eat dinner around 7, and then I’ll probably eat something around 12 to 1. It can be anything from pizza, Chinese food, or something light.

Depends on my mood.

— Jay Park

Watch the whole video here!