EvoL’s SAY to take part in film “Love Forecast” OST album

SAY, known as Stardom Entertainment Cho PD’s favorite pupil, will be gearing up for further projects and active promotions. Recently, the idol took part in Henry’s album and even featured in the OST for the film Love Forecast.

SAY is garnering attention for her participation in the OST work for the film Love Forecast. She is the talented leader of a girl group EvoL, and is well-known for having aided with composing, writing, and choreographing for the group’s debut. With her multi-talented skills acknowledged, she has participated in composing, writing, and arranging four out of six songs for Henry’s recent album Fantastic. 

The film’s director Park Jin Pyo and music director Jung Sae Rin both mentioned, “SAY may be a rookie singer who is not familiar with OST projects, but we offered her with the film’s OST because we believed that she is prepared to sing the emotion created in the film.”

SAY expressed, “I am honored to participate in the OST for the film. It is refreshing and wonderful to be able to hear my song through the big screen. Please look forward for the film Love Forecast and its OST as well.” 

Meanwhile, SAY has expressed her gratitude to her fans’ support by releasing her cover version of John Legend‘s “All of Me” on Stardom Entertainment’s official YouTube. Try listen to her lovely voice covering the romantic song!


Source: Ten Asia