Japanese Contest Accused Of Copying EXO’s Logo

Fans are demanding that they change their logo.

The Japanese contest, EXA Kids, has been accused of plagiarizing EXO‘s logo.


On July 24, EXA Kids shared the logo on their Twitter page. Soon after, one fan shared an image comparing the logo to EXO’s and asked them not to use the logo.



The logo was indeed quite similar to EXO’s logo, a hexagon shape with an “X” in the middle.


EXA Kids responded to fan’s request, apologizing for the misunderstanding and explaining that the logo design was overlapping and that they did not plagiarize.

Thank you for pointing this out. We did not plagiarize, but rather it was overlapping. There was a lack of prior research and we’ve created a similar design. We apologize for causing misunderstanding and discomfort. We did not intentionally make the design similar. We plan to change the logo next year. Thank you for your understanding. We will deal with the issue as soon as possible.

ㅡ EXA Kids


They have since shared another post on their Twitter page, stating that they are currently discussing the issue and will provide an announcement by tomorrow.


Meanwhile, fans continue to criticize and accuse EXA Kids of plagiarism.

Translation: “Of course, a country that steals!! A country with no foundation.”

Translation: “It’s pretty ridiculous how they’re saying it’s not plagiarismㅋㅋㅋ”

Source: Dispatch