[★BREAKING] Exclusive interview with Seungri’s girlfriend to be released by Japanese Media

An exclusive interview with a woman being identified as BIGBANG Seungri‘s girlfriend is being teased for release tomorrow, December 15, 2016, by Japanese media.

Japanese media company Shukan Bunshun is teasing an interview with a woman who claims to be Seungri’s girlfriend. The report comes after the same media site released photos of what they claim is Seungri entering a motel a woman on December 5th. It’s not completely clear from reports whether or not it is the same woman, as Korean, Chinese and Japanese media are reporting conflicting details.

The Japanese woman will remain anonymous in this interview and states she has been dating Seungri since 2013. She revealed in the interview that she met with Seungri at a “membership only karaoke bar”. 

In the interview, the alleged girlfriend claims this is how she first convinced Seungri to go into a motel with her:

“He was on guard when we first met, so I took his phone with me to get him to come into the room with me. He then complimented me for working so hard.”

The interview is being held back until tomorrow in order for the media company to work on photos proving the relationship is true and exists. It is not clear whether or not she is a current or ex-girlfriend as the reports identify her as a ‘girlfriend’ but do not explain why she is talking to media. Some reports state she is an ex-girlfriend, while others do not refer to her as ex at all.

Shukan Bunshun has followed BIGBANG and their activities in Japan for quite some time now. In the past, they also reported on secret meetings between G-Dragon and alleged girlfriend, Komatsu Nana. 

Source: Star Seoul TV, Shukan Bunshun and Apple Daily