An Exclusive Report Alleges Dancer Noze’s NFT Project Of False Advertising To Potential Investors

Her label has yet to comment on the allegations.

According to an exclusive report by Wikitree, Street Woman Fighter dancer Noze‘s NFT (Non-Fungible Token) project, which she touted as a way to ensure intellectual property rights for choreographers, may not be as advertised.

Noze | @nozeworld/Instagram

On September 1, Wikitree released an exposé alleging that the dancer’s NFT project dubbed “Dance With NO:ZE” doesn’t secure intellectual property rights for the dancer, as advertised.

According to the report, the genesis of the project began when the dancer revealed that despite her original choreography for “Hey Mama” going viral, due to choreography not being recognized as intellectual property, she didn’t make any money from it. The news of the dancer not benefiting commercially from the dance went viral, and last month the dancer revealed that she was launching her NFT.

The report states that during the announcement of Noze’s NFT, Noze stated that the NFT will ensure dancers will be given intellectual property rights for their choreography. It is also reported that the NFT is actively advertising itself as a way for choreographers to be protected under copyright laws.

Dance With NO:ZE introduction | Dance With NO:ZE

Dance With NO:ZE is a project where dancers, who weren’t able to receive royalty for their choreography in the past, are able to receive copyright and for the holders to receive benefits.

— Dance With NO:ZE

Mission and vision statement | Dance With NO:ZE

Dance With NOZE will focus on the community to receive copyright for choreography. Using NFT technology to effectively protect copyright for choreography and to change dancers’ work environment.

— Dance With NO:ZE’s Mission & Vision statement

According to Wikitree, however, the marketing slogans are close to a farce as NFTs bear no jurisdiction over copyright laws. The report alleges furthermore that Korean laws protecting NFTs themselves are murky at best and that the only way to have choreography protected under copyright laws is to submit them to the Korea Copyright Commission as intellectual property.

Project goals | Dance With NO:ZE

Although Dance With NO:ZE uses NFT technology, it is different than any other project. We are using NFTs because they can not be manipulated. Using them, we will effectively protect the choreography’s copyright and maximize benefits for holders (investors).

— Dance With NO:ZE’s Project Goals

The report also alleges that despite being helmed as a way for dancers to get copyright protection, the first 10,000 NFTs will be of her selfies, each selling for ₩500,000 KRW (about $373 USD). The expected revenue from the NFT launch is said to be ₩5.00 billion KRW (about $3.73 million USD).

Also peculiar is the fact that, according to the report, in contrast to other NFTs that are usually bought via Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies, Noze’s NFTs can only be bought through cash.

Unrelated image of an NFT for illustrative purposes | Business Insider

Lastly, the report revealed that Noze had started a Discord channel for those interested in buying her NFT. As NFTs as a commodity carries inherent risks, many who are interested have been asking questions in the Discord channel only to be ignored, with many potential investors asking if the dancer even checks the Discord channel at all.

  • “It’s already mid-August. When are you going to open?”
  • “You said you wanted to communicate in the Discord channel, so I signed up, but it seems it’s impossible to communicate with you, as usual. Do you even check in here?”
  • “I’m also curious why this project’s partners and the label are so bad at communicating. It’s very frustrating. At the very least, shouldn’t you be communicating with fans and those participating in the project? Are there any definite plans moving forward ?”
  • “I want to ask when this will open. Is it still far off?”
  • Are you really planning on ruining this?”

Most concerning, however, is the fact that according to the report, Noze has not revealed any information on the company she is working on in producing the NFTs.

A YouTube Q&A featuring the dancer is in the link below. In the video, the dancer can be heard stating that the NFT will ensure copyright protection several times.

Wikitree revealed Noze’s label Starting House was reached for comment, but after initially asking for some time to comment, they have been unreachable.

Source: Wikitree