Executive Director Of UNICEF Korea Calls BTS One Of South Korea’s Biggest Achievements

The power that BTS holds is undeniable.

UNICEF Korea announced it has renewed its partnership agreement with Big Hit Entertainment and BTS.

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Lee Key-cheol, UNICEF Korea’s Executive Director, took a moment to reflect back on BTS RM‘s United Nations speech in 2018. His speech at the time had moved not only those present, but people across the globe due to his genuineness.

UNICEF Korea Executive Director Lee Key-cheol | UNICEF/YouTube

Lee Key-cheol shares a conversation he had with a senior diplomat that night about BTS’s powerful impact that gave him the shivers.

South Korea has made two major achievements for the last 60 years. The first one was its democracy and economic development, and the second one was producing BTS.

— Senior diplomat

Lee Key-cheol reveals that it was at that moment he understood how strong of an “impact, hope, and positive influence BTS has given to the world.

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Executive Director of UNICEF Henrietta Fore shared that in the past four years, BTS and the LOVE MYSELF campaign has helped countless young people to “open up about their experiences of violence and bullying, and encouraged love and kindness.” Now, both Henrietta Fore and Lee Key-cheol look forward to taking the LOVE MYSELF campaign to the next level, and spreading their message even more so.

Under this partnership, let’s reimagine a better future for every child. And let’s build a better world for every child.

— Lee Key-cheol