Engaged Idol’s Mother-In-Law Reportedly “Wasn’t Very Happy” About Upcoming Marriage

“She wasn’t very thrilled…”

EXID Hani‘s fiancé revealed his mother wasn’t very impressed with the idol.

On July 8, Hani’s fiancé Yang Jae Woong was a guest on a talk show. During the episode, Yang Jae Woong and his older brother, Yang Jae Jin, spoke about the psychiatrist’s upcoming wedding.

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On this day, Yang Jae Woong’s older brother was asked what it felt to see his younger brother get married before him, to which he stated that the feeling was bittersweet.

It’s bittersweet to see my younger brother find someone and get married. Actually, I’m mostly disappointed.

— Yang Jae Jin

Yang Jae Woong then revealed that his mother wasn’t very happy when she first heard about his engagement to Hani.

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She wasn’t very thrilled. She often worries a lot. Because her sons hadn’t gotten married, our family didn’t have any new changes. I think she was worried about change. She even grabbed Hani’s hands and told her to re-think getting married. Hani then laughed it off, which made my mom laugh, too, and made me realize that she was definitely the right person for me.

— Yang Jae Woong

Meanwhile, Hani and Yang Jae Woong are planning to get married in September. Read more about the couple below.

EXID’s Hani Will Reportedly Marry Psychiatrist Boyfriend In September

Source: star news
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