[★VIDEO] EXID’s Hani revealed she was a team with Hyorin, Jieun, and Uji during her JYP days

In a recent episode of Happy Together 3, EXID’s Hani not only revealed she had previously been a JYP Entertainment trainee, but she was initially supposed to be a team with Hyorin, Jieun, and Uji. 

Happy Together 3 aired on January 29th, broadcasting its 383rd episode, and additionally featured guests Seo Jang Hoon, Lee Kyu Hyuk, Choi Jung Yoon, and Kim Jung Nam.

The EXID member spoke of plastic surgery, revealing she had thought of doing it in the past. However, her mother stopped her, saying, “Just because you get plastic surgery doesn’t mean you’ll end up looking like Kim Tae Hee,” with Hani further adding that she had given on the thought after that.

Hani revealed on the variety show, “I was a JYP trainee during my high school freshman year. During our JYP trainee days, SISTAR’s Hyorin, SECRET’s Song Jieun, BESTie’s Uji, and I were a team for about a year,” and further revealed that following a showcase, she had been cut from the group. “I went to study abroad in China afterwards. I went to a boarding school where you had to study from 6am to 2am. Then I thought, ‘Why should I limit my potential?’ I must work hard, and with that idea, I challenged it again, and that’s how became a member in EXID.”

In reply, Park Mi Sun jokingly said, “JYP is…eohyu*,” arousing laughter around the set. Check out the clip below!

*Note: a sighing sound used as an expression.


Source: My Daily and Star in