EXID’s Hani Thinks This Junior Idol Is The Sexiest From His Recent Comeback

Hani named this honorary idol as “sexiest”.

iKON guest starred on the radio program, Cultwo Show, where they were asked to choose the sexiest member.


Junhoe quickly announced that he should be chosen because he recently lost 6kg (~13lbs) and has a killer jawline!

“You have to choose me. I worked hard for it. I lost 6kg.

I think [my sexinesss] comes from my sharp jawline.”

— Junhoe


B.I then went on to choose Jinhwan as the sexiest member because he fell in love with Jinhwan during their music video filming. And Jinhwan agreed.

B.I: I give Junhoe credit, but when I saw Jinhwan filming and dancing for our music video… I thought I would definitely fall for him if I were a girl.

Jinhwan: As always, I choose myself.”

— iKON


Much to Junhoe’s pleasant surprise, Bobby chose Junhoe! But that was shortly lived as the other members all chose a different member.

Bobby: Junhoe built his body a lot this time around, so I choose him.

Donghyuk: I choose Yunhyeong. He – just as a person – is sexy.

Yunhyeong: I choose Donghyuk. There’s this part in our choreography where we split our legs and he has such strong thighs.

Chanwoo: I think Junhoe is sexy too but you can’t beat maturity. I choose Jinhwan.”

— iKON


As the votes became more split, guest-MC Hani was asked to choose the sexiest member between the two leading choices: Junhoe and Jinhwan. Hani hesitated before ultimately naming Junhoe as the sexiest member!

“Do I have to choose between the two? I think… in terms of sexy… sexy… I think for this album, Junhoe was sexier.”

— Hani


Congratulations to Junhoe on being chosen as the sexiest iKON member by one of the sexiest K-Pop divas around!