EXID Hani’s attempt at freestyle rapping will make you LOL

EXID Hani recently attempted her hand in rapping and her fans are going crazy over how adorable she is.

On September 8th, EXID’s official Youtube channel released a video of the members laughing and spending time with one another in the studio. At 0:35, Hani adorably raps into the camera while unable to keep a straight face. Hani then promptly stops her rapping at 1:08 just to begin again at 1:26 before being stopped by LE, the actual rapper of the group.

Many fans commented on the video saying how Hani has so many “hidden cards” up her sleeves, how beautiful and gorgeous she is no matter what she does, and how the EXID members help each other shine with talents.

Check out the hilarious antics of EXID and Hani in the video below!