EXID’s Hyerin Denies Dating MONSTA X’s Minhyuk After A Misunderstanding

Her statement has been causing a rift between MONSTA X fans.

EXID’s Hyerin has denied dating MONSTA X’s Minhyuk in front of fans during the pre-recording of SBS MTV’s The Show. Audience members at the scene began tweeting that Hyerin randomly started denying the rumors on stage.

“At the shooting of ‘The Show’, EXID’s Hyerin suddenly grabbed the mic and said, ‘There are MONSTA X fans here today, right? I have something to say…I didn’t date Minhyuk.’ This is what you call TMI^^”


Although dating rumors between the two may seem out-of-the-blue for many fans, Hyerin has reportedly been suffering a lot of malicious comments on her social media accounts by fans who created false rumors that she and Minhyuk have been dating since they were trainees.

Hyerin and Minhyuk are both from the same neighborhood in Gwangju, and have known each other since they began training with the same dream to become idol stars.


A staff member who was working on The Show clarified that she only brought up the subject because she was answering a fan’s question.

“Hyerin was pre-recording for SBS MTV’s The Show. When she was coming off stage, fans asked her about the dating rumors, so she answered them saying that they weren’t dating.” — Staff Member


The staff clarified that “the two have known each other for a long time, but their friendship did not evolve into a relationship.” EXID’s agency Banana Culture Entertainment also stepped up to confirm that they’re only friends.

“Hyerin and Minhyuk aren’t in a relationship.” — Banana Culture Entertainment


MONSTA X’s agency Starship Entertainment clarified that they were just good friends who knew each other since pre-debut.

“Minhyuk and Hyerin aren’t in a romantic relationship. They were friends since they were trainees.” — Starship Entertainment


Fans have been worrying at how much distress this rumor must have caused her to make her confront MONSTA X fans and deny the rumors herself.


However, some MONSTA X fans were taken aback at her actions and have been criticizing her for making a bigger deal of the false rumors.

“[MONSTA X fans] aren’t angry about whether they’re dating or not dating. We’re angry because of what Hyerin said. I’m frustrated that no one bothered to listen to the fans that actually went to see the pre-recording. Hyerin is only getting hated on for suddenly bringing up a dating rumor that was never even a big issue. That’s why we keep talking about this.”

“Be careful of what you say, Miss Hyerin***.”


Some netizens have been bashing Hyerin for being “selfish” by calling out her colleague in that way.

“It’s not just TMI for herself. Aren’t the other two members (LE doesn’t even count) going to do anything about her babbling on about her colleague that way just because she’s frustrated? Hyerin, you need to find some better friends.”


But more fans have been coming to her defense saying that she did nothing wrong and if anything, all the nasty comments she’s been getting because of the rumors had led her to tell the truth.

“Stop bashing Hyerin what did she do wrong. She just said it because she was frustrated people were misunderstanding the situation ㅡㅡ”

“Minhyuk’s former girlfriend Hyerin << She’s been getting hate comments for this for years. How can her statement be TMI; Even if fans didn’t know, she shouldn’t be criticized for clarifying a rumor that she’s been having a difficult time with. Seriously female celebrities are criticized for even clarifying a rumor…”

Source: Star News and Chosun