EXID’s Official Twitter Account Decided To Share BTS Jungkook’s Live Link Instead

It has now been deleted, but fans remain angry.

On August 24, 2019 (Korean Standard Time), EXID‘s official Twitter account tweeted a link to a live broadcast channel.


When the super excited fans arrived though, they found it was actually linking to BTS Jungkook‘s live broadcast.


The tweet was live for over 30 minutes, before the account realized there has been a glitch. The Jungkook tweet has since been deleted – and an official apology / explanation tweet has been shared. The apology reads, “Hello, this is Banana Culture‘s EXID Twitter manager. We are currently looking into the live broadcast link that was shared on this account today with VLIVE and Twitter. We apologize for raising your concerns.”


Regardless, EXID fans remain extremely agitated by the mix-up – especially because EXID’s Twitter account has not shared a live broadcast tweet in months, since two of the members Hani and Junghwa ended up not renewing their contracts with the agency.


No further information regarding the deleted tweet has been disclosed yet. However, EXID fans are highly convinced that it was a simple mistake by the account manager.

Source: THEQOO