[★TRENDING] EXID parodies TMZ’s mockery of them on “SNL Korea”

The girls of EXID make light of TMZ‘s recent mockery of their English pronunciation through a parody on the latest installment of SNL Korea

The latest episode of SNL Korea, hosted by EXID, featured a segment where a CEO was looking to recruit girls to join his new global girl group, ultimately choosing the character played by EXID’s Junghwa.

After choosing his newest member, the CEO asked Junghwa how she was feeling, to which she replied with a bright smile, “I’m so happy!” The others on set started to mock Junghwa’s character’s accent and laughing at her, before the CEO defended her, saying, “She said it well. Why are you laughing? How much better are you guys?”

The skit was well received by the audience and netizens alike, as they all applauded the girls for being able to make light of the extreme mockery they had faced earlier this month.

American celebrity gossip website, TMZ, had previously released a racist segment covering EXID’s arrival in Los Angeles, particularly poking fun at Junghwa’s accented English as she told the TMZ camera, “I’m so happy!” The event sparked rage all over the country as people were upset over the blatant racism shown in the video.

You can watch EXID’s skit below: