EXID selected as models for “Tiba Dumari Chicken”

EXID, one of the hottest girl groups, have been chosen as the new faces for the chicken franchise, Tiba Dumari Chicken.

On April 27th, Tiba Dumari Chicken announced the exciting news as they appoint EXID as their latest exclusive advertising models. The group is reported to have completed their latest campaign for the brand as they participated in the pictorial last April 10th and 13th, while the campaign is scheduled to be launch next month.

Fans should expect special promotional events in store featuring the group starting May 5th along with the recent change in their logo design to accommodate younger customers as well.

According to an affiliate, “EXID will showcase fresh and unique charms through this advertisement by wearing actual stage outfits from ‘AH YEAH’ as well as various props. In particular, they portrayed candid scenes of enjoying our chickens.”

In South Korea, it has become a tradition that many of the top idol groups always become models for a chicken franchise. Moreover, the girls have alawys been outspoken about their love for fried chicken.

EXID have been on a roll since releasing their second mini album with the title track “AH YEAH” and scored 1st on various music charts.

Congratulations to EXID!

Source: Star Today