EXID Solji Apologizes To Fans For Being Sick In A Heartbreaking Letter

EXID‘s Solji sent an update to fans after announcing her indefinite hiatus due to a serious thyroid condition. 

Solji was just recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, a disease which the hormone (T3 and T4) secrete excessively due to certain reasons, and result in thyrotoxicosis. After showing symptoms such as of fever and protrusion of the eyeballs, Solji decided to take a break from promotions to rest and recover. EXID will still be participating at the scheduled year-end music awards as a four-member group.

Along with a cute drawing of a smiling photo, Sojli left an optimistic message for fans to express her feelings about her situation.

Hey everyone!! You’re all worried right? I’m going to take medication and recover quickly so don’t worry. I’m sorry I scared you all ㅠㅠ and I’m sad I won’t be on the end of the year stages. Cheer for the members on stage !! I’ll come back all healthy quickly. I’m sorry for worrying you thank you and I love you!! Fighting!!!