EXID’s Solji Cries Every Day During Rehearsals For “Six The Musical”

It’s her first musical.

The Korean production of Broadway’s Six the Musical opened its doors on March 31, and EXID‘s Solji is playing the role of Katherine Howard. According to her fellow actors, Solji cried nearly every day during rehearsals for the musical.

Six the Musical is a British musical comedy written by Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss, who were students at Cambridge University at the time. It tells the stories of Henry VIII’s six wives as they sing about who suffered the most from marrying the King of England. Each wife is inspired by real musicians, such as Catherine of Aragon, modeled after a mixture of Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, and Jennifer Hudson, and Anne Boleyn, a mix of Miley Cyrus, Avril Lavigne, and Lily Allen.

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In the Korean production of Six the Musical, Solji plays the fifth wife, Katherine Howard, whose character includes elements of Britney Spears and Ariana Grande. With a slicked-back high ponytail, hot pink eyeshadow, and a matching hot pink outfit to go with it, Katherine Howard is a character who has emotional traumas and abuse from her childhood hidden behind her attractive appearance.

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On Solji’s YouTube channel, she showed us behind-the-scenes footage of her with the cast of Six the Musical. She first shared that she had injured her leg, so she could not start with the rest of the cast, but she is continually getting physical therapy so she can join the stage soon.

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She also showed how close her bond was with her fellow actors. While talking with co-stars Kim Ryeo Won and Hong Ji Hee, a staff member asked them, “How was Solji during rehearsals?” They answered that Solji cried during every rehearsal.

Solji cried a lot. I felt like she was sensitive and really good at being able to relate.

— Hong Ji Hee

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She also said that Katherine Howard is a character with many traumas, so Solji cried during her scenes.

She cried a lot during her scenes which makes sense becase Howard is a queen who went through so many unfortunate hardships.

— Hong Ji Hee

Kim Ryeo Won said they would joke and make fun of Solji for crying nonstop. The vlog showed a clip of Solji wiping her tears while rehearsing.

| Soul_G/YouTube 

Solji also interviewed actress Kim Ji Woo, who claimed that Solji is so kind—too nice sometimes for her own good.

Solji (left) and Kim Ji Woo (right) | Soul_G/YouTube  

She also introduced other actresses, including Son Seung Yeon, Park Ga Ram, and Kim Ji Sun, and showed how close she has become to the cast. They laughed and had a great time.

Singer Son Seung Yeon (left) and Solji (right) | Soul_G/YouTube 
Solji with Park Ga Ram and Kim Ji Sun | Soul_G/YouTube 

At the end of her video, Solji said she could not wait until her leg healed so she could perform. On April 29, she finally had her first performance as Katherine Howard, and all her hard work and tears during rehearsals paid off as she rocked the stage.

Six the Musical is currently playing at Coex Shinhan Card Artium and will run until June 25.



Source: Soul_G
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