[★VIDEO] EXID will return to promotions on music shows with “UP & DOWN” following viral popularity

Girl group EXID will be returning to music shows and promote their title track “UP & DOWN,” originally released in August, after a fancam of member Hani during a performance went viral, triggering their song to climb up the charts once again.The Hani-focused fancam was uploaded on YouTube and garnered over 2.5 million views since being uploaded in early October, revealing Hani’s sexy dance to her group’s title track and single “UP & DOWN” during a guerilla concert at a military event.

Despite having completed their initial promotions for the track a few months ago, the sexy women of EXID will be picking up their activities once again in light of the revived popularity of the track, a unique move in the music industry.

In related news, EXID can now be found in 5th place on online sites such as MelOn, and 1st place on Mnet as of December 2nd at 3pm KST.

Watch the video that went viral below!

Source: Sports Donga