EXID to wrap up “Ah Yeah” promotions and focus on next comeback activities

Five-member girl group EXID will be wrapping up their promotional activities for “Ah Yeah” this weekend, but have no fear, they will be returning later on this year.

Reports reveal that EXID will have their final stage for “Ah Yeah” on this weekend’s Inkigayo on May 24th.

According to officials, the rising girl group will be taking a break from their activities as they have been working non-stop for promotions since November 2014.

The agency official said, “The EXID members have been active without a break since last November. On the 24th, they will complete their music broadcasting activities and will get rest starting on the second week of June.”

The official continues to say that EXID received much attention with their viral hit track “Up & Down” and that the group felt a lot of pressure to succeed with their follow up song “Ah Yeah,” which was alleviated to some extent as they felt their performances have been good.

When asked about EXID’s future promotional activities and plans, the official revealed, “After their break, they will be working on their comeback for September.”

Originally releasing “Up & Down” in August 2014, the track climbed up the music charts quickly following the end of their activities for the track after a fancam of Hani went viral. In an unprecedented move, EXID returned to the music show stage for a second round of promotions for “Up & Down” with success as they swept trophies.

In April, the group returned with the follow-up track “Ah Yeah,” winning five trophies (2 each for Inkigayo and Show Champion, 1 for The Show) for the track.

Source: Star News