EXID’s agency Yedang Entertainment is now Banana Culture

EXID‘s agency, Yedang Entertainment, has rebranded itself as Banana Culture.

On March 2nd, Banana Culture said, “Yedang Entertainment, who houses girl group EXID, singer Sung Eun, vocal group Welldone Potato and Rare Potato, has changed to Banana Culture.”

Banana Culture and Banana Project has been receiving a lot of attention through its activities in China with Panda TV, and is making their way into Korea. “The brand of Yedang will be returned to the late Byun Doo Sub’s family, the late Yedang Comapny chairman.”

The representative of Banana Culture, Yoo Jae Woong, said, “With the company’s name change, we will strengthen the brand’s image and will actively support the activities of our artists in Korea and abroad with organized and improvised strategy.”

Source: 10Asia