EXID’s Hani, G-Friend’s Yerin, Nam Ji Hyun and more wrap up filming for “Running Man”

Running Man is set to feature a list of female guests on their line-up for an upcoming episode. 

On February 17th, a representative from the production team confirmed that EXID’s Hani, G-Friend’s Yerin, Nam Ji Hyun, Jung So Min and Yoon So Hee wrapped up filming for the program yesterday.

The female guests were revealed to conducted their mission in pairs with the regular male cast members alongside fixed female member, Song Ji Hyo.

Netizens who have read about the reports expressed their anticipation over the male cast members’ reactions on their special female line-up. Yoo Jae Suk’s meeting with Hani was also mentioned after the comedian released his own dance cover for EXID’s “Up & Down” last month.

Meanwhile, Shinhwa and ZE:A are reported to have participated in a separate filming for the program today.

Source: MBN